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  3. Autumn Term Sept-Oct 2023 - Gallery and Work

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In Literacy, we have been writing a diary entry of life during Anglo-Saxon times. We used knowledge from our visit and read example texts to identify appropriate vocabulary. This has resulted in some amazing pieces of writing. Then, we took the time to work on our oracy skills and read our work to the class. A fantastic first piece of writing, well done everyone.

Jarrow Hall

On Wednesday, Year 5 visited Bede World at Jarrow Hall to discover more about our new topic the Anglo-Saxons. Throughout the day, we learned a lot about what life was like during this time, which we will use to write a diary entry in literacy.

We took part in a workshop about crime and punishment which involved us acting out court cases to learn about the Anglo-Saxon justice system. We found out that the Anglo-Saxons didn’t have prisons, instead there was a ‘weregild’ (a blood price) for each crime!

We also took part in a workshop about Anglo-Saxon kingdoms and battles. This meant we had the chance to try on Anglo-Saxon helmets and hold swords, shields and spears. We learned about the Viking raids of Lindisfarne and re-enacted a battle between the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons! Year 5 also had the chance to walk around a replica Anglo-Saxon village and farm. We learned about Anglo-Saxon houses and found out what each animal would have been used for by the Anglo-Saxons! After that, we all gathered around a fire to hear the traditional story of Beowulf, a great Scandinavian hero, who saved Heorot from a terrible monster!  

Play Leaders

We completed our play leader training this week, taking part in games and activities. This included following instructions, learning how to deliver directions and rules for games and ensure teams are fair. We used a range of equipment and thought about how to make games more challenging for different age groups. Pupils will now vote for play leaders that will run games during break and lunch times.