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  3. Summer Term 1- April - May 2024 - Gallery and Work

Summer Term 1- April - May 2024 - Gallery and Work


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Our unit of art this half term is ‘Recycled Art’. We have been learning about different techniques of joining materials together to create sculptures. In this lesson, following a set of instructions and working collaboratively, we needed to use cardboard, recycled from around school, to create a small sculpture of a camera.


In history this week, we have been studying sources of evidence and using our historical skills to interpret a variety of pictures, quotes and excerpts to answer questions. 

Map work

During our history and geography sessions we have been studying maps of the local area and learning about the changes to Sunderland over time and the reasons behind them. We talked about industrialisation and how Hendon helped build battleships during both World Wars. Coal was vital during this time and we looked at maps to see where abouts coal mines used to be.


In literacy, we have started a unit on newspaper reports. We wrote an introductory section together and then edited our work, working collaboratively in our groups, by moving, adding, removing and rephrasing and substituting different vocabulary and grammatical features.

This week, we visited Sunderland Winter Gardens. We took part in a workshop about coal mining and explored the museum. We looked at the uses of coal, the dangers of coal mining and where the coal mines were located in our region. We had lots of fun.