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  3. Spring Term - Jan - Feb 2024 - Gallery and Work

Spring Term - Jan - Feb 2024 - Gallery and Work


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In Computing this week, Year 4 have been looking at AI and the positives and negatives behind it. We have looked at different ways AI can help us in different ways such as in school and medically. We learned that AI can be used to help support our learning and we created a document together on Purple Mash to show us the different ways it can support us.


In Science, we have been looking and living things and their habitats. This week, we have been using classification keys to group different vertebrates. We needed to come up with some questions with yes or no answers to distinguish from different groups such as mammals and amphibians, then looking at specific animals and noting their differences to come up with our own classification keys.


Well done to everyone in Sapphire and Royal who gained their attendance awards for the Autumn term this week! Attendance and punctuality are both very important and it was lovely to see so many children receiving these awards. Keep it up everyone!

Happy new year from Year 4!

This week, we started our new topic learning all about the rainforests of the world. Using atlases, globes and google earth, we located countries around the world that contain rainforests. We also learned about where in the world rainforests are located, being close to the equator and between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, as well as what the climate is like within a rainforest environment.