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  1. Our School
  2. Our Values and Curriculum Aims

Our Curriculum policy


Everyone at Valley Road believes in 'Success for All' . We have high expectations and work hard to make sure everyone feels welcome, safe, valued and included. Relationships are the heart of the school; we listen , treat each other equally with respect and tolerance, and form one big, diverse family.

We want all children to be prepared for life; to be proud of who they are , where they come from and what they can achieve. We promote academic achievement, alongside social and emotional development as we want all children to  grow and develop into healthy, responsible, caring citizens who can make a contribution to school and the wider community.

All achievements are celebrated and there are many opportunities across school through the interesting curriculum and clubs.  We also have reading buddies, lunchtime monitors, well-being ambassadors and play leaders  who support the other children and act as positive role models.  Our House Captains keep us motivated, working hard and developing a team spirit. Our children tell us they enjoy coming to school and we see that every day through their positive attitudes to learning and their behaviour.

We value the relationships we have with our families .All staff are responsible for building and sustaining trust and will always go the extra mile to make a difference. We will always listen and give support to make sure these partnerships remain strong. 

our curriculum aims

 Our exciting , engaging curriculum aims to:

  • Develop lively and enquiring minds
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Learn the essential skills of life, including number and information technology
  • Explore and understand the world in which they live
  • Develop an appreciation of the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations
  • Express themselves creatively and enjoy the creativity of others
  • Express an appreciation of a wide range of achievement
  • Develop personal, moral and spiritual values including respect for others
  • Be prepared for the opportunities and responsibilities of life in a changing world
  • Learn how to learn and regard learning as an enjoyable, lifelong activity
  • Develop a wide range of interests and appreciate the need for ahealthy lifestyle
  • Set high personal standards of achievement and value excellence

To achieve these aims, the curriculum is:

  • Broad so that it provides a wide range of knowledge, skills and experiences
  • Balanced so that each subject has sufficient time to contribute effectively to learning
  • Relevant so that learning can link the pupil's experience to applications in the world at large
  • Coherent so that topics can be linked to make the whole learning experience more meaningful
  • Progressive so that what is taught builds in a systematic way upon what has already been learned
  • Differentiated so that what is taught and the tasks that are set are matched to the aptitude and ability of each pupil
  • Accessible so that there is equality of opportunity for all