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  3. Spring Term - Jan - Feb 2024 - Gallery and Work

Spring Term - Jan - Feb 2024 - Gallery and Work


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Sports Festival

Year 2, took part in a sports festival over at Raich Carter. We enjoyed balancing, running, throwing and jumping. Louis was our javelin superstar and Harry demonstrated some fantastic gymnastics moves.


This week, we took part in a NSPCC workshop. We met Buddy! Buddy wants children to know who to talk to if they have any worries or feel sad. After the workshop we chatted about which safe adults might be good to talk to. We drew pictures of these adults and our happy places.


In science, we are looking at materials. This week, we carried out an investigation to see which material is the most absorbent. Firstly, we made some predictions, we then tested a selection of materials to see which one could hold the most water. We recorded our results and looked carefully at the results. Can you guess which material was the most absorbent?


This week, in Geography, we have been learning about the UK and it’s four countries. We were able to identify these countries on a map along with their capital cities. We know lots about London so we could talk about its landmarks too. Theo is our geography expert! He can identify and name every country on a world map…so impressive!

Happy New Year and welcome back!

We’ve had a great start to the term, finding out facts about London, learning to divide in maths and being material experts in science (not to mention some fabulous dance moves in P.E).