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  3. Spring Term - Jan - Feb 2024 - Gallery and Work

Spring Term - Jan - Feb 2024 - Gallery and Work


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Penshaw Monument

Year 3 visited Penshaw Monument and had an amazing day! We are learning about the North East and how the area has changed over time. Penshaw Monument is an ancient folly and towers over the City of Sunderland. It was built in 1844 to commemorate Lord Lambton. We looked across the horizon and noticed how much land use has changed over time. We wrapped up warm because the weather was freezing!!!!


As part of our new geography topic, The United Kingdom and the North East, we have used world maps and atlases to locate the UK. The UK was cut into pieces and we had to put it back together as a group. We then discovered that the UK is made up of four different countries (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and they each have a capital city. We used clues to guess where in the world the place being described was.


During Science, we have been experimenting with a range of different magnets. They come in lots of shapes and sizes. We answered questions relating to magnets and forces. Are all metals magnetic? Can you make the ends of a magnet connect? Magnetic or non-magnetic? Are bigger magnets more powerful than small magnets? We had so much fun and we can’t wait to learn more!