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Safeguarding our children and families


At Valley Road Academy we are committed to safeguarding, and promoting the welfare and well -being of all of our pupils and adults. We recognise that some children may be especially vulnerable which can impact on other children either directly or indirectly. We always take a considered and sensitive approach in order that we can support all of our pupils and families.

Everyone working in our school has a responsibility to help keep children and young people safe by:

  • providing a safe environment for children and young people to learn
  • identifying children and young people who are suffering or likely to suffer significant harm, and taking appropriate action with the aim of making sure they are kept safe both at home and in school.



Valley Road is an Operation Encompass School

What is Operation Encompass?

The Purpose of Operation Encompass is to safeguard and support children and young people who have been involved in a domestic abuse incident.  Following an incident at home, children will often arrive at school distressed, upset and unprepared for the day.

Sunderland City Council, Northumbria Police and nominated key adults in school will be working together to make sure that staff are made aware of an incident early enough to support pupils in school.  Our key adults are Angela Hibbert and Charlotte Mckinney

How does it work?

Each morning a police officer will review all domestic abuse incidents that occur outside of school but which might have had an impact on a child attending school the following day. Where children are present, witnessed or involved in a domestic abuse incident and aged between 4 and 16 years old, the officer will send information to the Council's Initial Contact and Referral Team who will then send this information in a secure format to the named key adult in the child's school.  The key adult will check their emails every day and staff in contact with those pupils will then be in an informed position to support them in a way that is right for the child.

Operation Encompass was launched in Sunderland in Spring 2017. For more information about Operation Encompass, please contact school on telephone number 01915002999 or visit

The best advice that we can give any child, or adult, if they feel that they or someone else is unsafe is to TELL SOMEONE!

Who to talk with in school

If you have any concerns about a child's safety in school then please speak to our Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Bowman (Headteacher) Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Hibbert & Miss McKinney (Pupil and Family Support Workers), Mrs McDaid (Deputy Head), Mrs Taylor (Assistant Head)  Miss Potts (Early Years Teacher).



Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

This website LINK gives parents, teachers and school leaders practical advice on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation.