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  1. Key Stage 1 & 2
  2. Year 3 Curriculum
  3. Spring Term - Feb - March 2024 - Gallery and Work

Spring Term - Feb - March 2024 - Gallery and Work


Red Sky Foundation

Year 3 were visited by the Red Sky Foundation where we met Sergio. Sergio told us the story of his daughter who was saved by some amazing doctors and nurses as she was born with two holes in her heart. Sergio told us all about his charity and what symptoms to look for if someone is having a heart attack or cardiac arrest. We learned how to give life saving CPR and were able to practice this on dummies.

Design and Technology


The invention of the Mackintosh coat was revolutionary! We wanted to experiment with different materials to see if we could make our paper boats waterproof. We used materials such as wax crayons, sellotape, poly pockets and sticky-back plastic. Once we had waterproofed our paper, we folded it into a boat (this was very tricky!). We tested our boats in water to see if we had successfully made them waterproof and we all did!

Design and Technology

Reinforced concrete

W B Wilkinson invented reinforced concrete in 1853. This allowed for new styles of buildings to be made as the structures were now stronger. As a class, we tested different models of Modroc (single layer, layered, rolled and reinforced). We added weights to each model to see which one was the weakest and which was the strongest. This helped us to understand how significant the invention of reinforced concrete was.

Broom House Farm

What a fantastic day at the farm! Year 3 were lucky enough to visit Broom House Farm for the second time. This trip was extra special because we got to see a lamb being born. It was so interesting to learn that sheep can only look after and feed two lambs so the famers are able to make sure that all of the lambs are taken care of by pairing them with another sheep.

In the afternoon, we went to the adventure forest and had a brilliant time climbing, zip lining and tobogganing. We can’t wait to visit Broom House Farm again in the summer!

World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book characters. We read the story ‘Flooded’ and made boats to help save the animals. We thought carefully about our design as the animals needed a comfy place to sit and the boat had to float. We tested all of our boats and we are proud to say that we are fantastic shipbuilders. Take a look at some of our creations!

To kick start out new History topic for this half term ‘Industry in Sunderland’, we visited Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens. We teleported back in time to the coal mining days, we explored the mine shaft and got to experience what life was like for coal miners. Did you know their first shirt started at 3:30am? After exploring the coal mine, we headed upstairs to the ‘Launched on Wearside’ section which is all about the shipbuilding industry. We saw lots and lots of ships that were made in Sunderland and discovered that Sunderland was known as the biggest shipbuilding city in the world. We are so excited to learn more about the history of Sunderland!