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  3. Spring Term - Feb - March 2024 - Gallery and Work

Spring Term - Feb - March 2024 - Gallery and Work


Red Sky Foundation

This week we were visited by the Red Sky Foundation, a charity that specialises in heart health. In our workshops, we were able to learn essential life skills and first aid, like CPR on dummies.

Skipping Festival

We have taken part in this year’s Skipping Festival at the Beacon of Light. Over 20 schools around Sunderland took part this year, showing off various skipping skills. Whilst we didn’t win, we had a great time and we even managed to pick up some individual awards in certain events! Well done everyone.

Athletics and Handball

Year 4 visited the Raich Carter Centre this week to take part in a handball competition and some athletics events. Showing teamwork and perseverance, we worked hard all morning, competing in running, jumping and throwing events, as well as splitting into teams to compete against other schools in handball, a sport we’ve never played before!

World Book Day

Thursday 7th March was World Book Day! Year 4 looked fantastic in their costumes and we based our learning on the day around the book Flooded. We read the text together and answered questions about it during our guided reading, then during literacy, we retold the story, but swapped the genre and wrote a newspaper article about what happened. Finally, in art, we designed our own illustrations to go alongside the story.

Science Workshop

Professor Vicky visited Valley Road and was able to show us a range of science investigations all linked to time, as this is the focus of British Science Week. We experimented with water, showing how a vortex can speed up the rate in watch water flows, how much liquid can cause a reaction to happen and how water can sometimes slow down a reaction like a candle popping a balloon.


This week in P.E we have been showing coordination and teamwork through throwing, catching and running skills. We are learning how to play cricket so have started off with the basics. In teams we had to throw and catch a ball around in a circle 20 times without dropping it, while the other team had to score runs. Whichever team managed to score the most runs before the other team managed to catch it, were the winner. We had lots of fun and showed teamwork and resilience through these games.