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Autumn Term Nov-Dec 2023 - Gallery and Work


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In art this week, we used the skills we learned in September, when we completed our unit of ‘Plant Art’, to create a piece of collaborative artwork inspired by Ambrosius Bosschaert’s work. He created still life art that captured the beauty of everyday objects.

First, we sketched a variety of different flowers, then mixing colours to create different shades, tints and tones we painted the flowers. Finally, we outlined the flowers using a fineliner pen, to bring out additional details that were lost when we painted.  


Year 4 visited the Raich Carter to take part in a dodgeball competition against Grangetown School. We were put into teams and we played each team once, with the winners progressing to the semi-finals and then a final. We reached the final and were narrowly beaten by Grangetown. We showed great sportsmanship to each of the teams, working together and having a good time in a competitive environment.


Year 4 love to read! On a Thursday, one of our favourite things is being able to pop down to the library and choose a book, and spending some time reading with our friends.

Parent Craft

On Halloween, Year 4 had our craft afternoon. We had lots of fun taking part in activities based around Halloween! Thank you to the parents and carers who were able to attend. We all had a great time.


Gail from Sunderland Skipping Schools visited Year 4. She taught us some new skills and we showed perseverance and resilience when trying new things. We will be taking part in the Sunderland Skipping Competition again this year, so we will be practising those skills we learned a lot over the coming months!