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What is Lyfta?

Lyfta is a multi-award winning immersive teaching and learning
platform that invites pupils to experience different cultures and
perspectives. It gives pupils and their teachers the opportunity
to see, and form a connection with, positive human stories from
around the world modelling resilience, problem-solving, teamwork,
and many other critical skills, values and competencies.

The platform is made up of an array of 360° interactive spaces and
soundscapes of real homes, workplaces and environments from
across the globe, known as storyworlds.

Pupils can explore each storyworld, taking in the sights and
sounds as they move around the space, unlocking rich media content
and getting to know real people through powerful and inspiring
short documentary films. The interactive and immersive nature of
the platform ensures students are highly engaged and emotionally
connected to their learning.

The content and resources are ideal for teaching a range of subjects
including literacy, personal social and health education, relationships
and sex education, physical education, geography, citizenship,
science, religious education, and design & technology.

The ready-made lesson and assembly
plans cover a range of vital themes such as sustainability, wellbeing,
human diversity and compassion, and are ideal for nurturing vital
skills and values such as empathy, resilience, and critical thinking.


Lyfta Pedagogy

Resilience, empathy and global
citizenship education

Lyfta’s mission is to nurture resilience, empathy and global citizenship
through immersive and interactive learning. Their films
and resources help spark curiosity and a sense of human connection.
Their pedagogical approach is designed to harness this curiosity, and
supports teachers to develop the critical thinking skills in their pupils
that are required to thrive in and improve our increasingly uncertain