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  3. Spring Term - Jan - Feb 2024 - Gallery and Work

Spring Term - Jan - Feb 2024 - Gallery and Work


Reception have had a fabulous week learning all about Chinese New Year! We have been learning all about the different traditions that Chinese people take part in during their celebrations and have loved completing all sorts of different activities in the classroom. We have been identifying the different letters in our names and having a go at writing the matching Chinese symbols, making our own paper lanterns, serving up lots of delicious food in the Chinese restaurant and doing lots of fabulous counting in the maths area – what a busy week!

Reception have had a fun filled week! Our story this week has been ‘Lost and Found’ so we have been learning all about penguins. We have had so much fun designing our own boats to sail across to the South Pole, drawing lots of penguin pictures and playing with the floating icebergs in the water tray. The children have also done some amazing maths work this week, sorting representations of six, seven and eight as well as exploring one more than a given number. Well done Reception!