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  3. Summer Term 1 2023 - Gallery and Work

Summer Term 1 2023 - Gallery and Work


This term our class novel is Canary in the Coal Mine written by the author Madelyn Rosenberg.

Tired of his 12-hour shifts and facing danger daily, Bitty, a canary whose courage more than makes up for his small size, treks to the state capital to try to improve working conditions in coal mines.


In R.E, we have been learning about Christianity. During this term, we are looking at the Pentecost and what this means to Christians. The Pentecost is a Christian holiday which celebrates the descent of the holy spirit onto Jesus’ disciples after his ascension to Heaven. It takes place seven Sundays after Easter Sunday. Louise Gillgallon from the Wearside Youth For Christ charity has been coming in and taking part in our lessons, to help support our learning.



During P.E, we have been building our resilience and showing perseverance through playing team sports. We have learned skills in cricket as well as dodgeball and handball. Check out some photos of us competing against Grangetown School a dodgeball competition! We had lots of fun, showed sportsmanship as well as working together as a team.

Beamish Museum 

As part of our coal mining topic, Year 4 visited beamish Museum. We took part in an experiment that showed us what happened when an explosion happened deep inside a mine. We learned about the Felling Mine disaster in 1812, which led to a change in safety rules and resulted in the invention of the Davy Lamp. After that, we travelled down the mine and saw what life would have been like for an average miner in the early 1900s. Finally, we were able to take part in a short lesson in the Victorian school!  

History and Geography

During history and geography this term we have been interpreting sources of evidence. We looked at maps of our local area and noted the key changes over time. Then, we read a historical document and used this to prove why certain things happened! Sunderland used to be a small town, but due to industrialisation in Victorian times, and the need for coal, it expanded over time.