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  1. Key Stage 1 & 2
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  3. Summer Term 1 2023 - Gallery and Work

Summer Term 1 2023 - Gallery and Work



We have been learning all about different local habitats.  We know that we live in an urban habitat but it is also a coastal habitat.  This week we learned large habitats are made up many microhabitats and, in each microhabitat, a variety of mini-beasts and living things can be found.

Today we set out our own microhabitats using hoops and we drew what we saw. We then wrote about interesting things that we found and a fact that we learned.

P.E Multi-skills

What a fun morning of fitness Year 2 have had at the Raich Carter! We have been developing our ‘multi skills’ to help us improve our athletics. The skills we have been practising are catching, throwing and travelling.

So now, we can say that we are multi-skilled athletes who can think about where  to move, when to move, how to move or to communicate during an activity.



After reading the story, ‘My naughty Little Sister’ we were inspired to create some of our very own, ‘Naughty Little...’ Do you have anybody naughty in your family? Take a look at some of our wonderful narratives and beautiful handwriting!