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  1. Key Stage 1 & 2
  2. Year 4 Curriculum
  3. Autumn Term 2 2021 - Gallery and Work

Autumn Term 2 2021 - Gallery and Work



 In Literacy, we have been writing a persuasive advert for a gladiator fight. We worked really hard to include key features and to show our best handwriting. We were extremely proud of our finished pieces.

Design Technology

As part of Design Technology, we designed made and evaluated a Christmas decoration using weaving techniques.


In maths, we have been using chocolate matchsticks to represent Roman numerals. We had lots of fun solving problems and representing the answer using the matchsticks.


Roman Workshop

This week, we had a virtual workshop with Durham University to learn about Romans in the North East and the Roman Empire. We looked at maps to see how big the empire was and which countries they conquered. Then we looked at Britania (Roman for Britain) and located Hadrian’s wall. Next, we found out about the different types of soldiers that would be in the Roman Army such as legionary and auxiliary.

For our first activity, we became archaeologists to find out about artefacts from the museum. We worked in groups to complete historical enquiry sheets for different objects answering questions about what we wonder and what we know about each artefact. The objects included a soldiers sword, tools to clean themselves, parts of statues, lanterns and tiles from a hypocaust.

Health Nurse Visit

On Monday morning, we were visited by the school nurse who talked to us about emotional health and wellbeing. We spoke about how people show and express their feeling and emotions in different ways. Then we discussed who we could talk to if we needed to share our feelings. We have lots of people in school that we can talk to about our feelings as well as a worry monster in class and also a thoughts and feelings box.