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  3. Spring Term 2 2022 - Gallery and Work

Spring Term 2 2022 - Gallery and Work


Red Nose Day

For Red Nose Day, we dressed up in red and donated money to charity.

We took part in lots of red themed activities. We designed our own red noses, made red nose day biscuits, necklaces and made funny faces using loose parts.

Our chicks are growing up

We have really enjoyed having the chicks with us this week. We have held and stroked them, some of us even fed them and cleared out their cage. We will be sad to see them leave but are happy to hear that they will be going to a lovely new home with Mrs Bowman’s neighbour. We look forward to getting updates on how they are getting on.

Spring Scavenger Hunt

In reception this week, we have been talking about the changes that occur during in the spring time. We enjoyed going on an exciting scavenger hunt to see if we could spot any of the changes in our outdoor area.

World Book Day 2022

For World Book Day this year, we dressed up as our favourite book characters. We read the story ‘The Wizard of Oz’. We were able to order the story using the yellow brick road.  

We made puppets and masks of characters from The Wizard of Oz. We designed our own slippers and talked about what we would like our magic slippers to do. 


Home Learning Challenge

We have absolutely blown away by all the wonderful work that has been brought in this week, following our Home Learning Challenge, in reception. Well done everyone!


Our Chicks

We have had some new arrivals in reception this week. The children have loved watching the chicks hatch from their eggs and are looking forward to seeing them grow whilst they are with us.

Pancake Day

We talked about what Pancake Day is and things we might give up for lent. 

We designed our perfect pancakes but the best part of the day was making and eating out own pancakes.