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  3. Spring Term 2022 - Gallery and Work

Spring Term 2022 - Gallery and Work


Spring Half  Term tasks


In Music this week, we have been focusing on tempo and identifying the rhythmic patterns within a song, using dotted minims, minims, dotted crotchets, crotchets, quavers and their rests 

Internet Safety Day

Children's Mental Health Week

This week, we celebrated Children's Mental Health Week. This year's theme was 'Growing Together'. 'Growing Together' is about growing emotionally and finding ways to help each other grow.   Throughout the week, we have been encouraging children to consider how they have grown and ways they can help others to grow around them. 

During the week, we created our very own ‘Support Balloons’ we considered the people in our lives who help us to grow and who we might turn to when things get tough or when we need support.  We even had a little sing and dance to ‘Reach’ by S Club 7, we shared why we thought the song was important and how we all have goals and things that we want to work towards but sometimes we need people around us to help us achieve them.


In Spanish we have been celebrating ‘San Valentín’ (Valentine’s day). We have been practising sentence formation to describe ´corazones´(hearts) with the verb to have, colours and numbers.  We also enjoyed making a crown with some of our sentences. This week is Children’s Mental Health Week so we created friendship bracelets to exchange with our friends in the class.

Number Day 2022

To celebrate Number Day 2022, we were asked to come to school dressed in our favourite numbers but be as creative as we could!  During the day, Year 5 took part in a Maths activity carousel of different number activities and challenges. We had lots of fun completing Maths activities putting our Maths knowledge to the test to win points for our team. We took part in a times tables competition on Times Tables Rockstars with children across the country, we enjoyed completing KenKen puzzles and learnt about Leonardo Bonacci.  

Al Sylvester

Year 5 had the opportunity to meet Al Sylvester MBE. Al Sylvester MBE is a very well-known RAF Mountain Rescue Service leader who as well as being involved on over 400 rescue operations, has adventured to the extremes of the planet, including the South Pole, Aconcagua, Mt Kenya and the base camps of Mt Everest and Annapurna.  

During the session, the children listened to a presentation describing the history and the duties of one of the RAF's only 24/7 all-weather emergency service and Al Sylvester’s 2 decades within the RAF Mountain Rescue Service. He shared the tales of some of his most epic rescues and how with the assistance of civilian teams, Search and Rescue Dog Association and rescue helicopters, the RAF teams have pulled off some amazing rescues. 

Red Nose Day

To celebrate Red Nose Day, we took part in lots of fun activities such as designing our own red nose, hunting for the punchline crossword and completing a Red Nose Day code breaker in teams. During the morning, we also took part in our very own school poetry recital 

Sunderland Music Hub

In partnership with Sunderland Music Hub and the music/theatre organisation MishMash Productions and Seventeen Nineteen, Year 5 have been given an amazing opportunity  to uncover the stories of Old Sunderland through music, creative writing, art and design. 

The first workshop was held at the Holy Trinity Church. Pupils were given a tour of the church and had the opportunity to explore and hold historical artefacts. Each of the artefacts revealed something interesting about Sunderland’s history.  We also explored some art which was inspired by Sunderland’s history and made by local artists.   Pupils listened to a performance from professional musicians. During the summer term, the pupils will become involved in  more amazing workshops.


As part of this terms topic, we studied the artist Claude Monet and impressionism.  We developed our pencil skills, to create different tones while sketching, and experimented with different shading techniques. These are used by artists to create texture. Water colour was used to add texture to our work and collage to add depth. All the children worked really hard and produced some lovely pieces of art work!