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  3. Spring Term 2022 - Gallery and Work

Spring Term 2022 - Gallery and Work


World Book Day

On Thursday 3rd March, we celebrated World Book Day! We started the day by listening to MC Grammar’s book song and read some extracts of our favourite authors. Then we wrote a setting description, in the style of the author of our year group novel, Katherine Rundell. We used linkages and levers to create a rainforest scene where an animal moved across the forest. In the afternoon, we designed, made and evaluated our favourite book characters using potatoes!


Following on from our work on electricity and circuits, we have used our knowledge of insulators and conductors to make our own board games. In computing, we researched interesting facts about the rainforest. We used these to create questions and answers for our game. Then, using a cell, bulb and wires we made part of a circuit. When we place one wire on a question and the other on an answer, it will complete the circuit and light the bulb if it is the correct selection.


This week in maths we have been looking at equivalent fractions. We used a fraction wall to help us identify fractions that are equivalent and used pictures and diagrams to show fractions that were equal. We worked in groups to identify the numerator and denominator of fractions, then matched them to their equivalent pair.

Mental Health Week

This week is Children’s mental health week. This year’s theme is “Growing Together”. In Year 4, we discussed the importance of how we can look after our mental health, how we can lift each other up and how to support each other. We shared how we can help ourselves and each other. Created a support balloon of all the people who help us grow and are there to support us. We realised that many of us have the same people who support us and that it is important to treat everyone with respect and kindness.

Number Day

For number day, we came to school dressed in our favourite numbers!  Year 3 and 4 took part in a carousel of activities. We had lots of fun completing maths activities. We had a times tables competition on Times Tables Rockstars and Hit the Button, played some bingo, took part in a times table hunt around the school and worked hard completing NRich investigations!

National Story Telling Week

During National Story Telling Week, we have been writing in the style of Ted Hughes, from his book The Iron Man. We used his work to write our own introduction to our character description.

We also planned and wrote our own stories using a storytelling randomiser. We found this tricky to do because the characters and settings didn’t match! We presented and read these out to each other.

Hassan and Damian worked hard to complete a giant jigsaw with animals on. We then told stories about the setting and animals from the puzzle.



In science, we have been identifying common appliances that use electricity and then constructing simple series electrical circuits. We have used wires, bulbs, cells, motors, buzzers and switches to create complete circuits. We are going to use this knowledge to create our own board games.


In art, we have been creating collage pictures of the rainforest. We have looked at work by Henri Rousseau and used his art as inspiration. By cutting out pictures and creating shapes from card and paper, we were able to create depth in our pictures by layering each piece. 


Friday Feeling

Over the past few weeks, Year 4 have been able to go out on ‘Friday Feeling’ for the first time in almost two years! Mrs. Curle took the children to Seaham beach where they took part in P.E activities, played and had tonnes of fun! Year 4’s behaviour was excellent on these visits and are a credit to Valley Road.