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  3. Autumn Term 1 2021 - Gallery and Work

Autumn Term 1 2021 - Gallery and Work



We had a visit from the STEM outreach team from Newcastle University to take part in an activity called, “Thinking Like a Scientist”. We looked at the myths and stereotypes about scientists and explored the diversity of careers within STEM. We made predictions, took part in experiments and participated in interactive STEM demonstrations such as making a circle where we completed a circuit to make a buzzer turn on.  




We have been working really hard on handwriting this half term to work towards getting our pen licence. This has included fine motor activities such as threading, beads, cube patterns, stencils, dominoes and practising letter joins.


In literacy, we have been reading the story “Escape from Pompeii” and we have used this to write a diary entry for the day when Mount Vesuvius erupted. To plan this piece of writing, we worked in groups to recreate scenes for the story. Then, we described what was happening and how we would be feeling in the first person and in past tense.


Year 4 have been working extremely hard with their reading this half term. We are encouraging a love of reading and for everyone to be reading at home as much as they can. As well as their home reading books, we have set up a class lending library where they can sign out a book of their choice and earn rewards once they are returned. We have loved taking ownership of signing these books out.


As part of our PSHE, we have been enjoying the outdoors of our school grounds. We have created art work in the style of Andy Goldsworthy by gathering natural materials to create our pieces. We worked as teams and enjoyed learning outdoors.