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  3. Autumn Term 2021 - Gallery and Work

Autumn Term 2021 - Gallery and Work



In History, we have been learning about Stonehenge. We enjoyed researching why it was important to the Neolithic people and some of the reasons it might have been built. Working as a team, we even made our own version, using bourbon biscuits! Take a look!  


We enjoyed taking part in a yoga workshop. We learnt lots of different poses including the downward dog, tree and sphinx. Lots of us said that the session made us feel calm and relaxed. We are going to include some of these techniques during our school day.


In Literacy, we have been following instructions for how to make a woolly mammoth. We read the instructions carefully and produced some fantastic prehistoric creatures. Did you know woolly mammoths are extinct now? We even created our very own set of instructions for how to make Stone Age bread. Did you know they only used 4 ingredients?


Cave Paintings

We researched information about Marcelo Sanz de Sautuola’s, who was the first person to discover cave paintings from the Stone Age. In Art, we have been learning how to draw using different mediums so we practised with charcoal, drawing lines of different thickness and texture.


In Literacy, we read ‘Stone Age Boy’ by Satoshi Kitamura. We enjoyed acting out the story and ordering key events. We then took a trip to Stone Age World. Some of us were hunters and some of us were gatherers. We imagined what it would be like to be a Stone Age child. We then wrote a diary entry, thinking about our senses.  


As part of our Stone Age topic, we have been learning about homes in the past. We found out that in the Mesolithic period homes were often a circular structure made from wooden posts. They were covered in animal fur to protect them from the weather. This inspired us to create our own Stone Age homes.

Historical Enquiry

In History, we have been looking at a range of artefacts. We studied historical objects carefully and generated some questions.

Bryana: ‘Why are some of the objects shiny?

Jensen: ‘Where are they from’

Lydia: ‘What were they used for?



Stone Age Workshop

We took part in a Stone Age workshop. We enjoyed lots of activities! We used flint and steel to make fire, we made bread and thought about the 4 things Stone Age people needed to survive - food, water, fire and shelter. The best part of the afternoon was tasting the delicious bread.


As part of our Science topic, Year 3 visited Broom House Farm, in Durham. We looked closely at what the farm looked like in autumn, the leaves on the trees were changing colour and starting to fall off. We learnt the names of the plants and trees and how to identify them. We collected apples from the orchard and took them to feed the pigs. We all loved seeing the animals and even collected eggs from the chicken coup. We were shocked to discover one of the eggs didn’t even have shell! After lunch, we enjoyed exploring the forest. In teams, we tried to build our own tipis, like in Stone Age time. We had an amazing day and can’t wait to return in the spring.