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  3. Autumn 2 2020 - Gallery and Work

Autumn 2 2020 - Gallery and Work


Christmas Jumper Day 2020


How to Catch a Dinosaur

 After our dinosaur escaped, we decided to build a trap to capture him and keep the rest of the school safe. We collected our equipment, bait for the dinosaur and we were off! We carefully, dug a large deep hole and covered it with a camouflaged cargo net. We hid the trap with leaves and twigs and finally, put meat on top to lure him in. In Literacy, we wrote a set of instructions to match. We cannot wait to see what we find!

What have we found?

During the Daily Mile, were shocked to discover a large egg. Some of us thought it was a dinosaur egg! We decided to bring it into class and keep it safe. We put it in a warm nest and left it over the holidays.

Dinosaur Discovery

After the holidays, we came back to a big surprise! The egg had hatched and whatever was in it had escaped! Come and take a look at what we found!



Umah: “There are a trail of T-Trex footprints all over the ground!”

Klayton: “Maybe we had the baby in the egg and the T-Rex came for it?”