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Valley Road Academy

Summer 2021 - Gallery and Work


Our Visit to the Moon

Today, we received an urgent message from, ‘Billy’ The Man on Mars. Bob had rung in sick and needed our help. We put on our space helmets and jumped on board the rocket ship.

We held on tight and made our galactic journey to the moon.

We excitedly, burst through the doors, ready to do our jobs. First, we cleaned the mess on the moon and we entertained the tourists.

Then, we stopped for a quick break and enjoyed some delicious space biscuits and juice. Our last job was to check the moon for aliens and make sure all the jobs were done.

Finally, we jumped on board the rocket and headed home to Earth!



Road Safety

The children in Year One have been learning about road safety this term.  Elizabeth from Walk Wise has been talking to us about the Green Cross code. We have talked about finding safe places to cross the road, for example, using the Lollipop person to cross to and from school. The children have been learning about ‘sneaky traffic’ and other dangers on the road to be aware of. We also went out onto the yard to practise the Stop, Look, Listen and Think message.

It is obviously extremely important; especially as our roads get busier that our children know and use these important skills when they are out and about. The children were keen to tell Elizabeth about using their bikes and scooters to get around and talked about how vital it is that we wear safety helmets when using any wheeled toys.


Change for Life

This week the Change4Life team visited year 1 in school to talk about ways of keeping strong and healthy. The children were keen to tell them that we have just finished our Daily Mile session when they came to talk to us! The team were extremely impressed with how much the children already knew about the importance of exercising regularly, warming up before exercise and all of the different activities that count as exercise. The children found out that they should aim to have up to 60 minutes’ activity every day. Click on this link to the Change4Life website to get lots of ideas for activities that children can do every day.

The team also talked to the children about mindfulness – looking after the health of your mind. We learnt different techniques that can help us relax, calm down and help us get ready to get good quality sleep at times when we might be anxious, angry, frustrated or worried. We watched a video on the Zen Den Cosmic Kids website that taught us how to meditate. The children loved this and were really good at having a go themselves. We tried it indoors in the classroom and outdoors on the yard. Can your child show you some of the techniques they learnt? You can also click on the link to the Zen Den Cosmic Kids website for more activities to practise mindfulness. 



In DT, we designed our own space helmets and wrote a list of the things we would need to make them.

We used paper, PVA glue and mod rock to cover the balloons. We talked about which materials would be best to make it strong. We then decorated them using paint, glitter and stars. Our space helmets are ready for a trip to the moon!



We have been talking about what jobs people do around us and why people work. We found that there are lots of different jobs that people do in our school. Lots of us shared, which jobs our parents do and jobs we would like to have when we are older. 

We talked about the different jobs people do in space and what skills you would need to be able to do them. We found that even though Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, there were many people who helped him to get there. 

We also learnt about what roles astronauts do and what they need to help them do their job. We pretended to be astronauts and wrote postcards from space, telling our friends about our busy day. 


In history, we have been learning about people and events in the past. To understand what the past means to us, we brought in baby photos and talked about our own past. We looked at how we have changed from then to now.

We have been learning about the first landing on the moon and the people involved. We were able to find and recall facts about Neil Armstrong. We were also able to order his life events on a timeline.

We have also been learning about key events in space that happened in the past. We were able to order these events on a timeline.


Number Day

We celebrated Number Day by dressing up to represent different numbers. Some of us wore football tops and lots of us made our own t-shirts. They looked amazing!

We had such a great day, taking part in a number hunt, number disco, making number hats, and decorating cakes with numbers, solving number problems and making numbers with playdough.




In computing, we have been learning about algorithms. We gave the Bee Bot simple directions to catch the alien. We understood if our instructions were not clear and simple, the Bee Bot would be unsuccessful. We pretended to be a computer and followed instructions to make an alien.