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  1. Key Stage 1 & 2
  2. Year 1 Curriculum
  3. Spring Term 2022 - Gallery and Work

Spring Term 2022 - Gallery and Work


Year 1 Phonics Friday

On Friday in year 1, we had our families in for a morning of phonics and reading activities. During this time, we visited the school library and shared a story with our adult. We also completed a range of phonics activities in the classroom and accessed Active Learn on the IPad.


Number Day- Buddy’s Key Challenge

First of all, we needed to read 10 maths word problems. When we answered each one correctly, we could search the classroom for a puzzle piece. Once we had answered all of the questions and found all of the pieces, we worked together as a team to join the pieces together.


We also completed a range of other maths activities within the classroom. We practised our number formation in the sand, we made numbers using the pegs and peg boards and we worked out rainbow number bonds.


Space Topic

In year 1, as part of our Space topic. We have been learning about the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong. We read and sorted facts about Neil Armstrong and then we wrote some facts about him. We drew portraits of Neil Armstrong and added colour using oil pastels.


In Year 1, this half term we have been reading the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’. This week we completed a hot-seating activity by pretending to be one of the aliens from the story. We took it in turns to play the character of the alien and the rest of our group asked the alien questions, using the question words we have been learning about in literacy ‘who, what, where, when, why?’


The aliens invaded year 1 this week! On Monday morning we arrived at school to find lots of mess in the classroom. In literacy, we read sentences about the alien invasion and sorted them into true or false. In literacy also wrote a list about what the aliens did during their visit to Valley Road. In the space station role play area, some of us wrote a letter back to the aliens asking them to come back and collect their underpants that they left in the classroom!


Science- Winter Walk

Year 1 went on a Winter walk around our school grounds to look at and observe seasonal changes. We noticed that there were no leaves on most of the trees and it was very, very cold. Evie said “it is too cold for animals in Winter. Some of them hibernate but birds fly to somewhere warmer.” We discussed changes that happen during Winter and the different types of weather that we would expect to see. Isobel said “sometimes it snows in Winter but today it is just icy, that’s why it is so cold.”