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  3. Autumn Term 2 2021 - Gallery and Work

Autumn Term 2 2021 - Gallery and Work



Year 1 have been learning about Christianity in RE. We looked at symbols of Christianity and discussed their meanings. We explored Christianity objects, drew a picture of them and then wrote a sentence to match our picture. We remembered that the candle was a symbol of light and that each stained glass window told a story. In art we designed and created our own stained glass windows, using a variety of materials.


Anti-Bullying Week ‘One Kind Word’

Anti- Bullying Week 2021 is all about ‘One Kind word’. We had a class discussion about kind and unkind words. We shared examples of kind words we could use when talking to our friends, families and teachers.


Each of us made a friendship heart and we wrote a sentence about how we are a kind friend. We then drew a picture of ourselves, with our friends, on the back of the heart.


We wrote kind messages or a kind gesture that we could do to help somebody out. We put our messages into a ‘kindness bucket’ and shared them with our class at the end of the lesson.


Using a range of different materials, we created a ‘friendship flower’. We wrote a friend’s name in the middle of the flower and on each petal we wrote a kind word about our friend.


Fire Pit

On 5th November, Year 1 visited the fire pit. We talked about Bonfire Night safety, how to stay safe around fireworks, what rules we need to follow when we are next to a bonfire and we talked about how to keep our pets safe during bonfire night.


We cooked some popcorn on the fire and it sounded just like fireworks popping in the sky! As we all sat around the fire we sang some campfire songs and we drank some hot chocolate as a tasty treat to warm our hands up!  


We have had a very busy first week back at school in Year 1! In literacy we have read the story Winnie in Winter, we have been acting out the story in the small world area and we wrote sentences about each part of the story, remembering to use capital letters and full stops correctly. In maths we have began to learn how to solve subtraction problems, we used the cauldrons and counters to work out the answer to each subtraction problem. As part of our whole school art project, we have been researching the artist Van Gough. We linked Van Gough’s work to our learning about Autumn as Van Gough painted a range of Autumn landscapes. Using the watercolours, we painted our own Autumn landscapes and we used the same brushstroke style as Van Gough used in many of his paintings. 


In Year 1, as part of our Winter Wonderland topic we have been researching Arctic Animals. We discovered that penguins live in Antarctica which is in the South Pole. We used maps and globes to locate the South Pole and we drew and labelled our own maps of the world. We also read and answered questions about the world, using an atlas to find out the answers.