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A very International Christmas


A very international Christmas!


Every year at Valley Road Academy we celebrate ´an international Christmas´ with partner schools from Spain, Perú and countries across Europe through projects such as ´12 days of Kindness´or ´Christmas exchange´. We enjoy sharing cards, presents, messages, traditions and carols in different languages.

This year, we also have decided to celebrate Christmas with friends from Edmonton County School in London.

We are collaborating on the project ´my COVID experience´ so it is a great opportunity to celebrate it with them, especially in this time of uncertainty with the COVID 19 pandemic.


Pupils in KS2 have been writing letters and cards to talk about their feelings, to introduce themselves and to wish a Merry Christmas.

Students from Edmonton County School have also been working hard and we loved having a look at their work!

It has been fantastic to receive the letters from our friends.  ¡Gracias! Thank you!

Our year 6 pupils also made ´an international Christmas tree´ ¿Qué país es? Which country is it? to wish Merry Christmas to our school Community and all the partner schools involved in this project.


In addition to all our exchanges with partner schools, pupils across KS1 and KS2 have been learning how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Are you ready join us?


There is no better way to star this journey than exploring some traditions from UK with children from EYFS.

‘ We enjoyed having a go at writing out Christmas cards, we posted them in our role play post office to send out to our friends- look how fantastic our handwriting is! We also enjoyed working together as a team to decorate the Christmas tree, it was lots of fun choosing the decorations to add to the tree. In Literacy, we wrote letters to Santa. We cut out pictures from the catalogue of what we would like and then we had a go at writing words/ a sentence too. ‘

What about Spain? Let’s learn about ‘ el roscón’ and ‘ las campanadas’  with year 1 and 2.


From Spain to Hungary  Germany and Czech Republic with the help of our fantastic year 3 pupils.


Do you know in which language do you say ‘ God Jul’ to wish Merry Christmas? Our year 6 pupils will give you a hand!

From Valley Road Academy, we would like to wish all our friends and families ¡Feliz Navidad! -´Merry Christmas!´