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  3. Autumn Term 2021 - Gallery and Work

Autumn Term 2021 - Gallery and Work


Design Technology

Linked to our topic, we have been discussing healthy eating and made a visit to ASDA and bought a range of fruits. Back at school, we tried all of the different fruits and designed fruit kebabs. We then made these, according to our design, and evaluated them. When we evaluated them we looked at if our kebab matched our design and if we would change it if we were to make it again. We have also used this visit to write a recount and create a set of instructions on how to make a fruit kebab.


On Wednesday, Rainbow Room walked to ASDA Grangetown to buy some fruit as we have been looking at healthy eating. We bought lots of different delicious fruit including strawberries, blueberries, kiwi and bananas. We are going to try all the fruits in class and then make a fruit kebab in the coming weeks. We are also going to complete some literacy activities from the visit including writing a recount and a set of instruction after we have made the fruit kebab.

Healthy Eating

After reading Oliver's Vegetables we decided we would like to try some of the different vegetables mentioned in the story. We started with trying carrots. We discussed fruits and vegetables and how they are good to have in our diets. We then tried apples. We are looking forward to a visit to ASDA to buy more fruit and vegetables.

Feel Good

We have looked at feelings and emotions and read the book ‘Super Duper You!’ We spoke about how we can feel different ways at different times and not everyone feels the same in situations. We then created a feel good box and decorated this in our favourite colours, patterns and pictures. Next we wrote something lovely about everyone in the group. We popped these into their feel good boxes so they can read the lovely comments about them. It will make us feel happy when we read them.


After reading Super Duper You, we discussed what makes us special. We then designed and created a shape and covered this in tin foil to make a mirror. After, we decorated our mirrors and used them to say something good about ourselves.


During science we have been learning about our senses. We now know we have 5 senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. We used this knowledge to identify which sense was needed for different scenarios and we also linked this to our literacy and thought about our likes and dislikes. After we had identified our 5 senses, we went out and completed a senses walk. We thought about things we could see, hear, touch and feel. We could not taste anything while we were out on a walk. We thought about how things might be different at different times of the year too.