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  3. Summer Term 2 2022 - Gallery and Work

Summer Term 2022 - Gallery and Work



Physical Development

This week in reception we have been practising our catching and aiming skills. We carefully the beanbag at each other and then attempted to throw the beanbags at a target.


Keeping our Oceans Clean

 We read ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’, a story about a plastic bag that ended up in the ocean and how the sea creatures thought he was a jellyfish and tried to eat him! We used our water tray to see what would happen when the ocean is full of litter. The sea creatures had lots of space to swim around but when we added plastic bags, face masks and plastic pots the creatures became stuck in the litter. We talked about how litter ends up in the ocean and what we can do to stop it. We decided to go into our school grounds and remove all the litter that could blow away into the sea.


Sea creature trail

We have been reading the book Commotion in the Ocean and learning about creatures that live under the sea. We used this knowledge to complete the sea creature trail, by reading clues and matching them to the creature.