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Valley Road Academy

Summer 2019 Gallery and Work


Reception Pirate and Princess Party

We had an absolutely brilliant time at our party today. We started the afternoon with a disco in the hall then went outdoors for some party games. They had to ‘walk the plank’, find the buried treasure, ‘hook a duck’ or hit the target with the water balloon to win a prize.

The children loved the ice cream stall, where they could make their own ice creams, with sauce and sprinkles.

What a lovely way to celebrate all of the hard work the children have done this year. I am sure they were keen to tell you all about it!

At Seaham Beach

We had a lovely day spending time with our friends, splashing in the water, building sand castles and eating yummy ice cream!! When we were in the water we were jumping over the waves and making a BIG splash when we landed. We also saw a seal out at sea and we talked about where it lives and what it might like to eat. Back in school we have been writing about our favourite part of the trip. What do you think it was?

Outdoor Week Obstacle Course

As part of outdoor week we all took part in an obstacle course. We had to work together as a team to try and complete the course in the quickest time. It was great fun completing all of the activities and we all had a go at every activity- even the ones that were slightly more challenging! We loved the relay race, seeing who could fill their teapot with water in the quickest time. When the first team had filled their teapot we had to run away fast before we got wet!


Following on from our Pirate topic we have been learning how to read a map. We looked at a map of the school grounds and found each numbered point from 1-20. At each point there was a picture and we had to write the correct number next to the matching pictures on our clipboard. We worked together to identify each point and we were very proud of ourselves when we had completed the full course.

Den Building

During outdoor week we had a go at building our own dens. We split into teams and each team had to plan what to do and how to build their own den. Some of the children were very good at taking the lead and giving their friends a specific role. When problems occurred e.g. poles falling down, we had a discussion on how we could fix the problem. We made our dens just in time before the rain started and we were able to take shelter from the rain. Finley said “this is a good den because it’s not leaking and I’m keeping dry!”


Iqra and Umar enjoyed telling us about their Eid celebrations. We learned about some Eid traditions, why it is celebrated and how people celebrate Eid. Umar told us all about the lovely food he ate with his family and Iqra told us all about her beautiful party outfit. Some of the other children enjoyed talking about the time they spent with their families.

In school we had a party to celebrate Eid. We designed and made our own party hate and Iqra showed us some dances she enjoyed doing at home with her family.

Skipping Day

Today we took part in our schools skipping day. It was great fun to have a go at using the skipping ropes to practise this skill. We had a go at skipping individually and in groups. When we had mastered this skill we had a go at travelling whilst skipping- which was much more challenging but still great fun! Here are some of our action shots from the day!


Reception Chicks

Meet Bumblegum, Daisy and Sunshine, out new arrivals in Reception. The children have been learning about life-cycles this term and we have been incubating some hen’s eggs for three weeks. Three of the eggs hatched on Monday. We are all very excited and the children are so nurturing towards the chicks. We are hoping that we will be able to hold them and have a closer look this week as they become a bit bigger.

Today we had a think about names for the chicks and voted for our favourites.  We hope you like them. Unfortunately, we have to hand the chicks back at the end of this week but it has been a lovely experience that  has helped the children with their understanding of lifecycles and they have really enjoyed it.

Barnes Park Visit

This week Reception children visited Barnes Park to look for signs of spring and minibeasts. It was a lovely visit and the children were so inquisitive and loved exploring the environment. They enjoyed the challenge of the Senses Scavenger Hunt Nature Detective Hunt. They asked lots of questions, collected items of interest and we took lots of pictures. Back in the classroom we are writing about what we did and what we found.


Butterfly Cakes

This week the children have been making butterfly cakes. It is lovely to see them become more independent when baking, applying all of the skills we have learned over the year. They remembered the names of the ingredients and the utensils we use. The children read the recipe and weighed out the ingredients accurately. They even broke the eggs in themselves! They took turns with each stage of the process, talking about what they were doing and helping each other. The children really enjoy cooking. Because we made more than enough cakes, some of the children asked if they could take a spare home to give to their brother, sister or parent. We even had volunteers to do the washing up!


Reception PE

This half term in PE we are practising team games in preparation for our sports day. We worked together to complete each activity in the fastest time. We had a go at egg and spoon race, beanbag race and throwing games. We are very excited for our families to come and watch us compete in sports day next half term. 

Daily Mile

Today we started off our Daily Mile for this term. We all stood at the starting line and then cut the ribbon to begin the mile. We were accompanied around the track by Gary from Tyne and Wear Sport and Aly Dixon, an athlete from the 2016 Olympics.

The Daily Mile allows children to walk, jog or run at their own pace. It is a social physical activity allowing the children to spend time in the fresh air with their friends.