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Spring 2018


New Year, New Me

This is the start of a new year for us. It is the last year which we will spend in our primary school. We have decided that we want to make it a momentous one. We have decided to make our own New Year's Resolutions which we believe will make an improvement to our lives.

In Mexico, it is a tradition for people to write down all of the bad and unhappy things which have happened to them in the previous year and throw them in away. They do this as they believe all of the negative energy will be destroyed. We decided to do this in year 6 so that we have a fresh new beginning in 2018. Why don't you try this at home too? It felt very satisfying to do this.


Last term 6 Emerald had the best attendance in the school. As a reward they were allowed to spend the afternoon celebrating their success. Have a look at what we got up to.

We are all very determined to be the top class in Spring too.