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Success for All

Summer 2018 - Our Home city


Cricket Competition at Ashbrooke Cricket Ground

Year 5 attended a competition run by Southmoor staff and young leaders. We competed against other schools in competitive and friendly games of cricket. We all got the opportunity to bat and bowl. Some of us did absolutely fantastically. Most importantly, ee had great fun. Take a look for yourself...

Refugee Week 2018

Steve, Tolosa and Perce  came into Year 5 to tell us about refugee and asylum seekers. They told use about their experiences. We talked about refugees and what they can find difficult whilst finding asylum in our country. We tried to communicate as if we were refugees without using our language and we found it quite difficult.


Year 5 Visit Fab Lab

Some year 5 children visited FabLab again this week to continue their work on 3D printing and design. They learned how to use CAD programmes to design 3D objects which could then be sent to the 3D printer. It was incredibly difficult but once they got used to it, they were amazing at it!

Each child designed a keyring linked to our work on ‘The Heartstone Odyssey’ book we have been reading in class.

Well done everyone – fantastic design skills!


Year 5 took part in a project called Insight in March 2018. The children went to Southmoor Sixth Form centre where they  learnt about themselves and what makes them unique. They also had the opportunity to discuss their aspirations and hopes for the future, including how they can be successful in life. 

Taster Day at Southmoor Academy

Year 5 had a taste of what secondary life is like at Southmoor Academy. We took part in a variety of lessons to get a feel of what learning could be like there. 

In English, we looked at a piece of writing from the BFG. We then created a drawing of noe of the words which Roald Dahl had made up.

We learnt some French and German months of the year and how to tell people when our birthday is.

Some of us had the chance to make up our own raps in Music and some of us even showcased our beatboxing skills.

We looked at different vocabulary we use in Maths and learnt about Pi. 

Looking at artefacts in History was really exciting and we were helped to learn about the past using them.


We had such a good day! We cannot wait until we are in secondary school! 


Y5 have a ‘fab’ time at The FabLab

Some children in year 5 were lucky enough to be invited to Sunderland University’s state of the art design facility ‘FabLab’.

To extend their ‘Inventions’ topic work at school, the children got to take part in a range of design and computing activities. They designed their own T-shirts and watched how computers brought their ideas to life. They even got to take their completed T-shirts home.

The children also designed inventions to solve everyday problems and uploaded them onto the ‘Little Inventors’ website. Hopefully, one of our ideas might be the one chosen to be made by their design team.  

You can see all of our designs and others at:

Lost Landscapes and Learning

Year 5 are taking part in a project where they explore our local area. We visited Rainton Meadows and the children learnt about the types of flowers that can grow in the wild. They also explored different ways to find out the direction they were travelling in: using the landscape, using a compass, using the wind or using a map.

The children enjoyed their day and are looking forward to our next visit with Rio.