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Summer 2017


In Year 4 our topic for Summer 2017 is the Romans, this can be viewed below:


Beamish Outreach Visit to School


Bill from Beamish visited school to tell us about joining the army in 1914. He told us about soldiers receiving the king’s shilling and what was in their kit bags. We found out about Charlie Buchan, who is still Sunderland’s top scorer, and how he joined the army. We also looked at the Sunderland strip, boots and football from when Charlie played.

We had the opportunity to look at a trench shovel, mess tins, a gas mask, a Lee Enfield MK3 replica rifle and a Mills bomb. These grenades were made in Sunderland at the Mills factory.


Visit to Beamish

Year four visited Beamish to learn about farming in 1914 and to find out if there are any similarities with how the Romans farmed. We also asked the people of Beamish what their opinions were of a boy who was fifteen who joined the army. We found out that you needed to be nineteen to join the army and that he had lied about his age so that he could join.