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Success for All

Spring Term 2018


Geography - London

In Geography, we have been finding out about London. We located it on a map and looked at pictures of what it looked like in the past and now.


In Art, We have been looking at the artist Anne Stokes. We found out that she liked to draw and paint fantasy pictures. She usually has dragons, animals and forests in her pictures. We looked at her pictures and thought about what they make us feel. We also had a go at doing some observational drawings. It was very interesting!


In Science we have been looking at materials and how a solid changes to a liquid. We held an ice cube in our hands and watched it melt. It was so cold that our hands froze! 

Fire Station Visit

We visited Sunderland City Fire Station to find out about a busy fireman's job. We looked around the big, red fire engines and learnt about some of the heavy tools that firemen use. We even had a look inside the fire engine and were able to have a sit in one. The fireman's helmet was really heavy! The firemen were telling us about their uniform when suddenly we heard the sound of an alarm. It was the alarm for a real fire so the firemen had to rush of quickly! What an interesting day!

Science Week 2018

For British Science week we became Scientists and made some poo from the past! We used flour, water, oil, brown paint, stock cubes and lentils. A great way to understand more about humans and animals from history is to learn what they ate. Scientists do this by examining poo! It was a fun but very smelly!  What an unusual afternoon!

Fruit Pizza

In Literacy, we have been writing instructions. We made fruit pizzas and then wrote instructions (A recipe) to make them. Do you want to make a fruit pizza? If so, then follow the instructions below.

How To Make A Fruit Pizza

What You Will Need:

  • Plate
  • Knife
  • Natural Yogurt
  • Fruit - 3 or 4 different fruits - banana, strawberries, grapes, peaches etc
  • Digestive biscuits

What To Do:

  1. First wash your hands so you don't spread germs.
  2. Next take a digestive biscuit and place in on your plate gently so it doesn't break.
  3.  Then put some natural yogurt on the biscuit and spread it evenly so all the biscuit is covered.
  4. After that chop some of the fruit carefully with a knife.
  5. Next add the chopped fruit to the top of your yogurt and enjoy!

Poetry with Paul Cookson!

Paul Cookson came into our school and worked with us to write our very own poem. We wrote about 'The Dragon In Our School'.

Here is a video of us performing it in our classroom! Enjoy!

Easter Craft

Our parents came in to school for Easter Crafts. We had lots of fun making Easter baskets, hand print chicks and bunny rabbits.