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Success for All

Autumn 17



The Gingerbread Man

Our final story in the topic of ‘once upon a time’ is the Gingerbread Man. So this week Rainbow Room have been on a shopping trip to ASDA to buy the ingredients needed. We have then followed a set of instructions to bake some delicious gingerbread people. Next week, we are going to use the pictures we have taken to write our own set of instructions. The children really enjoyed this hands on and sticky activity and particularly enjoyed eating their gingerbread people!

Crime scene in school!

To introduce our new story, we set up a crime scene in school with a selection of clues. As the time went on we revealed different clues, the children then had to write a list of clues and use these to identify the story. We had different ideas to begin with, based on some of the items, but then we found a broken chair and empty bowl of porridge and realised we would be reading Goldilocks and The Three Bears. So far the children are really enjoying learning this story and completing activities around it.



On Wednesday 18th October Rainbow Room were invited to take part in different sports events at Sunderland Tennis Centre. The children really enjoyed the morning and gave all of the activities a try. We were given the chance to complete throwing and jumping games, tennis, football and foam javelin activities. We are now eagerly awaiting to find out if anyone has made it through to represent Sunderland against South Tyneside in November.


Mowbray Park

As part of our topic ‘Once upon a time…’ Rainbow Room visited Mowbray Park to act out the story of the Billy Goats Gruff. We pretended to be the goats and the troll and remembered key phrases from the story. The children really enjoyed this. We then found a door and poking out from under the door was a letter from the troll himself! He said he was sorry for being mean to the goats and asked for our help to find him somewhere to live. Since returning to school we have been looking at different places and deciding if they would be good or bad for the troll. We are now going to write him a reply to his letter and try to find him a lovely home.


Beamish Woods

As part of our topic – Once upon a time – the Rainbow Room visited Beamish Woods. We went to the woods and pretended to be the 3 little pigs and made houses of straw, sticks and stones. The children really enjoyed collecting the items and worked well together in teams. By the end of the morning we were all tired out with very muddy wellies! The behaviour of the children was exceptional and we are looking forward to booking more visits together.