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Success for All

Summer 2016

As part of our topic, the Romans, year four visited Arbeia Roman fort in South Shields. We took part in a time quest activity where we became archaeologists and dug for artefacts. We used magnifying glasses to look closer at Roman coins and explored the ruins of Arbeia. Enter text...

Sky Class: Roker Beach

We spent the day at Roker Beach, to explore the land and sea scape. We are writing an adventure story about a Roman Solider, who arrives in England, via the North East Coast. We explored the caves in Roker Park and we imagined what our local area looked like in 43A.D, when the Romans invaded.

During design technology, we designed then created artefacts, to explain what life is like in present day England. We buried these along the coast for future generations to find. We left our little piece of history!