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In 2016 the tests were much more difficult than in previous years. The children were assessed, for the first time, against the new national curriculum.

The tests were very challenging, but here at Valley Road, we still managed to remain above the national averages for all tests. This was an amazing achievement and shows how talented our children are, and how lucky we are to have such dedicated successful pupils.

The schools most recent Key Stage 2  results for 2016:

69.4% achieved Level 4 or above in Reading, Writing and Maths combined

6% achieved the higher level of attainment in Reading, Writing and Maths combined

The  average progress score in Reading was 1.44 which places us in the top 40% of the country

The average progress score in Writing  was 5.08 which places us in the top 4% of the country

The average progress score in Maths was 4.81 which places us in the top 4% of the country

The average scaled score was 103 in Reading

 The average scaled score   was 107 in Maths

89 % achieved the expected level in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

44% achieved the higher standard


Our challenge for 2017 is to  build on what we have achieved this year  making sure our children leave our school ready for the challenges of Secondary school.


Link to access the School Performance Tables on the DfE website

Link to the national figures on key stage 2 performance