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Success for All

Autumn 2016



Year 6 bike ability level 1 and 2 course 


Quick Sticks Hockey

Twelve children took part in a quick sticks hockey competition at Farringdon School. We played in teams of four and the games were really fast paced. The rules state that neither team is allowed a goal keeper and it is a foul if the ball hits a players foot or the wrong side of the stick. All of the children played extremely well and showed good team spirit. Valley Road A team finished in first place overall. Well done to all of the children who took part.


M and M productions present Jack and the Beanstalk

On the 3rd November M and M productions came to Valley Road to perform Jack and the Beanstalk. The children all really enjoyed this and they sang their hearts out the whole way through.

Ashton in year 4 said “I wish I could see this again”

Joe in Year 4 said “I loved when Jack climbed the beanstalk”

Connor in Year 4 said “It was AMAZING!”




On Thursday 3rd November the children from the Rainbow Room were invited to attend a sports event at Sunderland Tennis Centre. At the event the children were able to try different activities including football, gymnastics, athletics and tennis. The children really enjoyed the morning trying out new things. The event was ran by Farringdon Community Academy and had support from the Tennis Centre, AAA Sports and the Foundation of Light.


Year 1 visited the Beatrix Potter exhibition at Seven Stories

The children in Year one visited the Beatrix Potter exhibition at Seven Stories, more information about this exhibition can be seen by visiting the following link : Potter exhibition



Year 5 had a great time at 'Hit the Surf'