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Success for All

Spring 18

Attendance Awards 

Congratulations to all of the children who received an attendance award this term!

Easter Poetry Recital

 Today we had our Easter poetry performance. We have been practising the poem in our classes and 4 of the children volunteered to perform it in front of the rest of the school. They presented it very well and spoke very clearly. Well done!  

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Easter Egg Hunt 

Today we have been on an Easter egg hunt. Using the orienteering maps we followed the directions to find each point. At each point there was a egg with a letter sound inside, at the end of the hunt we used the letter sounds to spell the words 'Happy Easter'. 

Easter Parent Craft 

We have had a lovely afternoon completing different Easter crafts and activities. Thank you to all of the parents/ grandparents/ carers and aunties that attended! 

Paul Cookson 

Today we have had the poet Paul Cookson in school. We have had lots of fun listening to his poems, joining in with his poems and creating our own poem. We have created a poem based around our class topic 'wild animals' and 'pets' and we will present it to the rest of the school on Friday.


This week in P.E. we have continued to work on our skills in gymnastics. The children's ability and development in gymnastics has improved week by week and our gymnastics coach Lisa is very impressed with our progress! It is lovely to see the children's confidence develop as they learn new balances and routines.

Exploring Ice

Reception children have been exploring ice. First the children listened to a clip of Ludovicio Einaudi playing the piano at the Arctic to highlight the concerns about global warming, during this they drew on prior learning by recalling some key vocabulary – Arctic, Antartic, snow, ice, cold, melting.

Each child had an ice cube and they thought of some excellent words to describe what the ice felt like – cold, wet, slippery, freezing, slimy, melting.

Some children explored the frozen paint and talked about how it is different to the normal paint we use. Some of the paint was stuck in the pots so we discussed how we could get the paint out of the pots quicker, Amelia said "we need to warm it, we could put it under the hot water tap!"  The children also explored colour mixing as part of this activity, mixing the paints in the tray and in the pots as it started to melt.


RSPB Bird Watch

This week Reception have been taking part in the RSPB Bird Watch. The children have been exploring the school grounds to see what birds they could find, using a checklist they ticked each bird off as they seen it. The children have also been working outside with Mrs Curle to make some bird feeders. Harry said "we need to put seed outside for the birds in the winter time because there are no berries on the trees for them to eat until it is spring time". 

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